"Education is the Answer for The 21st Century," Says The Arts Organization

Salt Lake City, Utah - July 2, 2012 - A framework for Education in the 21st Century is released today and could be a welcome answer to many prayers, according to The Arts Organization. 

The 23-year old company has been involved in experiential education throughout its own learning and refining. Today, The Arts Organization is releasing the culmination of this 23 year learning curve.

With many questions surrounding the future of education at the forefront of this century, The Arts Organization introduces a framework for education inclusive of a Global Faculty, Global Curriculum and Global Campuses. “We are at a moment in time where it seems that almost all of the ways in which we have lived are being questioned,” says Wendy Adams Mendenhall, Founder and Creative Executive Director of The Arts Organization. “With the many questions arising of what needs to happen next for us to flourish as a civilization, it is necessary to answer these questions with a global language. Most people recognize we are no longer separate from the rest of the world and as we remember where we came from, we realize all our roots run deep throughout a global village.”

Today, The Arts Organization releases its websight, (intentionally spelled websight) to initiate the awareness to see, with one’s heart, what is in the site. This websight is an introduction and invitation to the global village; asking each of us to explore what is possible and to find our place(s), using the resources, within the site and within ourselves, and to introduce others to this framework in order to participate in bringing the global village into reality.

Humanity as a whole knows there is a need to change directions in order to change. We must find ways in which to participate in this world that can shift the course of history and shape the future. The teachers are ready and the students are asking, “How can we participate in a world where Peace is the reality?" The Arts Organization offers this websight as a framework to begin that global conversation through the uniting of teachers, global curriculum and campuses throughout the world, welcoming home the universal family, family we begin to reunite with, from the global village we all came from.

Join the global community. Participate in making history. The websight is found at The teachers will come from all around the globe. The curriculum comes from our experiences of being human and the campuses will come into reality from our passion for Peace.  


For questions contact:

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Salt Lake City, Utah  84102


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