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The Arts Organization Newsletter                                      Volume 7 October 2013



A Global Faculty - Co-evolutionary Teachers Collaborating With Evolutionary Technologies

“Interweaving the golden minds of humanity with the silver threads of information is art. To integrate the experiences of the Elders, alongside the experiences of the Youth, invites an innovative collaboration in the present, future and throughout the history of humanity.”

Founder—The Arts Organization

Word and World: New Ideas About the Fourth Dimension: Part One

“Every move from a one-dimensional line to a two-dimensional plane and from a two-dimensional plane to a three- dimensional volume involves a one-degree increase of freedom.”

Roy Doughty—TAO Guest Blogger

New Ideas of the Fourth Dimension: Part Two

“The answer is by applying a fourth dimensional attribute: IMAGINATION.  By imagining, artists of all kinds can create alternatives to this 3-D world, which has entrapped their 3-D bodies, but not, as it turns out, their 4-D minds.”

Roy Doughty—TAO Guest Blogger


Horse in Pasture, Mountain Beyond

A simple scene: Horse in pasture, mountain beyond.

What does it mean? Does it say anything?

A canvas of beauty or a commonplace pastiche?

Evocative or prosaic?

Yes: horse in pasture, mountain beyond.

Jeff Clay—TAO Graffiti Blogger






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